Himalayan Ibex

Himalayan Ibex (Capra sibirica sakeen) is a sub species of the Siberian ibex and is reminiscent of the Alpine “steinbock”. It is primarily found in the mountain ranges in the north of the country, the Karakorum, western Himalaya and Hindukush, where it can be hunted at an altitude of between 3.000-3.500 m above sea level from November to March. The hunt is both physically and technically challenging, demanding that you are physically well prepared and that you have first rate equipment. During this time of year you can expect temperatures of between 0 to -15 degrees Celcius. Bucks with 38” horn is considered representative, 40” is a realistically achievable trophy size, while a real record class trophy can be as large as 46”. Success rates on these hunts – measured by game shot with trophies of 38” or above - is very high. The hunting itself is carried out on foot up in the mountains, where you spot and stalk selected bucks. You should be prepared to shoot from long range and often from a difficult angle in an open mountain landscape. There will be five full hunting days available, while the whole tour stretches out over 11 days. As the hunt takes place in some of the world’s most inaccessible areas, you can expect a relatively demanding journey, which can include a long car journey (14 hours/570 km) along twisting mountain roads. Accommodation will be in small local hotels or in private homes and includes full board. During the hunt English speaking staff will be present.

Only a limited number of licenses fare available for the whole country, and the price of these license will vary from year to year. Pakistan actively uses the trophy fees as an important incentive for wildlife preservation simply by distributing 80% of the funds raised to the local population living in the district where the game was shot, while the final 20% goes to the state’s game administration service. As a hunter it is important that you are aware that the license is used and the trophy fee due at the moment you take your shot – regardless of whether it results in a kill, a wounding or even a miss. Expect to enjoy an exciting meeting of cultures. Your own weapons can be brought into the country without problem, but expect a processing time for an import permit to take at least four months. These hunts can be supplemented with reasonably priced wild boar hunts in the Punjab province.